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When will WonderBoxes be back in stock? 


We try to make at least 3 batches a year! Everything currently available is listed in our shop. If the WonderBox you're looking for is sold out, sign up for our release alert to be the first to know when we restock!

What is the price range? 


Junior (5 x 6.5") starts at $95

Square (8 x 8") starts at $170

Original (7 x 11") starts at $265

Jumbo (11 x 15") starts at $390

Super XL (18 x 18") starts at $60

Custom pieces can be any size and the price will vary based on features (custom work minimum is $250)

All prices include shipping within the United States. We ship internationally for an additional charge. 

What is a WonderBox?

It's a piece of interactive art! Think of it as a classy fidget toy. Great for kids, great for adults. It makes a cool lamp too! Click here for more details!

Who makes them? 

We are Narah and Parker, a husband-and-wife team! We run this whole operation ourselves and make each one by hand from the woodworking to the wiring (: Click here for more details!

Do they make sound? 

They can! Right now that's a custom-only feature but we may put out some soundboards in a future batch 👀

Can I order a custom WonderBox? 

Yes of course! We love to make custom pieces. Click here to get started!

How are they powered?

They come in 2 varieties: plug-in and battery. The plug-in variety uses a 12V power adapter with a barrel connector. The battery variety runs on 8x AA batteries (except the Jumbo which uses 16x AA) 

More questions? Contact us below! 


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