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It's a Fidget! It's a Desk Toy! It's a Lamp! It's a WonderBox!!!

WonderBox is a busy-board-style toy for kids or adults! Flip the switches, twist the dials, press the buttons, and see the lights react! WonderBoxes provide a satisfying tactile experience to keep fidgeting hands busy, and are particularly good for anyone with ADHD, autism, or other special sensory needs.


If you are a parent or educator, kids of all ages love them, and use their imaginations to turn them into all kinds of things! If you are an adult with a desk job these are great for keeping your hands occupied during long conference calls! The plug-in versions make a lovely piece of unusual home décor. 


They are made from solid wood and industrial components so they have the feel and weight of quality, and are built to last. 


We are Parker Bradford and Narah Landress, a husband-and-wife team based in Atlanta!


Parker made the first WonderBox several years ago for himself because he has ADHD and needed something to keep his hands busy.


Once the two of us met, Narah saw that other people would like them too, and saw its potential as a business. She came up with the design ideas for the OG and Junior sizes! Now we design, build, wire, and assemble together, all by hand from our home workshop.


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