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Audio has finally arrived to the world of WonderBox!! This is a variation on our Jumbo-sized WonderBox, split down the middle: on the lefthand side, a classic WonderBox with lights, switches, and buttons to fidget with; on the righthand side a soundboard with 12 customizable samples triggered by arcade buttons and a built-in speaker! 


The sounds can be customized. We have made a lovely set of default sounds, but if you would like specific sounds please include that information in the personalization section!


What is it? It's a Sound Board! It's a Desk Toy! It's a Fidget! It's a WonderBox!!! WonderBox is a busy-board-style toy for kids or adults! Flip the switches, twist the dials, press the buttons, and see the lights react! WonderBoxes provide a satisfying tactile experience to keep fidgeting hands busy. 


Who is it for? Anyone! Kids love it, adults love it, babies love it, your grandma loves it too. In particular, good for anyone with ADHD, autism, or other special sensory needs. 


Parents and educators - kids of all ages love them, and use their imaginations to turn them into all kinds of things!


Adults - For those with a desk job, these are great for keeping your hands occupied during long conference calls! If you opt for the plug-in version, they also make a lovely piece of unusual home décor. 


How are they made? Each WonderBox is built and wired by hand, made to order by a two-person team from our home workshop in Atlanta. They are made from solid wood and industrial components so they have the feel and weight of quality, and are built to last. 


Each WonderBox is unique! WonderBoxes are variations on a theme, so the exact color and placements of lights will vary. If you have specific preferences, please message us ahead of time, we will do our best to accomadate your request! 


As each product is made-to-order by hand, please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping!

WonderBox JUMBO with Audio

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